Published on 13 March 2018 in Witnesses

From the “DE FACTO UNIONS” section of our Meson’s News Magazine number 5.

A company that has always put among its founding values the focus on product quality and flexibility of projects cannot ignore the careful selection of its dealers. We believe it is an understatement, in our case, to simply define them as retailers, since the trade skill is just one of the skills that we require to become a part of our distribution network. The most important and decisive is the capacity to transmit the values of Meson’s, integrating them with the identity of the single dealer. Only in this way you can create a network founded on frank relations and ambitious common targets: it is so that our distributors help to create that community effect that is our true brand, in the highest sense of the term. It is to them that we dedicate this section to introduce you our network, the network of Meson’s people.


Elisa and Marco are a couple of young interior designers who realized their dream in 2010, inaugurating the D8 Interior showroom in Trapani. “We knew right away, we were facing the perfect company for us, a brand that finally embodied all the ideals we were looking for: innovative, complete, elegant, sparkling, proactive, of quality and … beautiful!

una casa sul mare

We immediately decided to deepen this relationship, introducing in our offer the Linea program. A cheerful and unconventional collection thanks to the coloured aluminium profile, with unusual geometries that identify it immediately as a kitchen with a strong personality. Our Meson’s started quickly to attract the attention of customers, meeting the demands of those who often cannot find the right inspiration in a lot of different offers. The continuous search for materials in step with new technologies makes Meson’s an innovative and an important support for us who want to enrich our ideas with new details, to make every kitchen a new life project. Working with Meson’s is always a new discovery, especially because it gives us the freedom of design that every interior designer dreams. Its strong identity does not prevent us, in fact, to create highly customized solutions, almost tailored, to free us from that hateful standardization of taste, a result of mass consumption. For this reason, we do not exaggerate if we say that every day we look forward to create a new project signed Meson’s.”

“Do you believe in love at first sight? We do, since August 2015, when we met Meson's and it was love at first sight!”

One of the projects of which Elisa and Marco are talking about, concerns an apartment in Trapani with sea view. “Paola and Adriano, two of our dear friends, had just returned to Trapani for business and, with great enthusiasm, had found a new home for their family. After a few weeks, we went to visit them and together we began to develop some ideas to furnish their new house. A few steps into the house and our eyes already shone like the surface of the sea that can be seen from the kitchen window! Our inspiration quickly becomes it, the sea. That window on blue, the idea of a monolith approached the naturalness of the wood … we started immediately to work and after a few days we were ready to expose the project to our friends. Planimetry in hand, materials on the working table and the intuitions began to take shape, until we saw in their eyes lighting up the light that leaves no doubt: we could begin the work!

An all-white M_onoliti kitchen with wall units and jutting peninsular unit in natural oak becomes the protagonist of the house and the leitmotif of all environments; the window on the sea is framed by matt tiles with a Mediterranean and vintage taste, to bring inside all the force of blue. The whole house becomes a discovery of wood and warm tones, from the large living room with an adjoining reading room to the bedroom area, where the kitchen warm tones are reproduced in the master bedroom. Returning home of Adriano and Paola is really like staying on the sea, we were able to bring its peace and the sense of home in all environments and above all in the most important room for the family dimension, the kitchen.”

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